Consent & Declaration

I hereby declare that I have read, and agree to be bound by, Credit Assist Pte Ltd’s terms in the TCU (which may be accessed here), Credit Assist Pte Ltd Privacy Policy (which may be accessed here), this declaration herein, as well as any terms and conditions that may be currently or subsequently published on Credit Assist Pte Ltd’s website, social media platforms or communicated to me through the contact information provided by me.

Further, I hereby declare that all of the information I have provided to Credit Assist Pte Ltd is completely truthful and correct. I am aware that providing untrue information and/or providing incomplete information and/or leaving out essential information, whether deliberately or negligently will entitle Credit Assist Pte Ltd to terminate my account. I am also aware and agree that Credit Assist Pte Ltd reserves the right to permanently or temporarily terminate, block or ban individuals or groups from accessing their Credit Assist Pte Ltd account and Platform for any violation of the TCU or for any behaviour which Credit Assist Pte Ltd, in its own discretion, determines is inappropriate without Credit Assist Pte Ltd having to assume any liabilities of breach. Such inappropriate behaviour(s) includes without limitation: the provision of untrue, incorrect or incomplete information to Credit Assist Pte Ltd (whether deliberate or otherwise), use of the Platform for illegal purposes and/or abuse of Credit Assist Pte Ltd’s representatives, employees and/or agents. I agree that in such cases, my account and any relationship between Credit Assist Pte Ltd and I (legal or otherwise) shall be terminated and I shall not have any right to use the Platform and Credit Assist Pte Ltd shall not owe any obligations to me. I also waive all rights as against Credit Assist Pte Ltd.

Further, I hereby declare and acknowledge that Credit Assist Pte Ltd has the right to modify or amend the content of the TCU at any time, and an announcement of such modification or amendment at Credit Assist Pte Ltd’s official website shall take effect upon the date of announcement and constitute sufficient notice on me. I accept that it is my responsibility to check Credit Assist Pte Ltd’s website and platforms of communications for any such modifications or amendment; my continued use and/or access of Credit Assist Pte Ltd’s website, products or services shall constitute an agreement to any and all such modification or amendment.